My potentially racist dilemma

There’s no escaping it… I’m a geek! I’ve added new RAM to my PC, I once got excited by the number of nested IF Statements I managed in one Excel formula (12 for those interested) and, to finish it all off, I LOVE Lego!

To that end, I came up with the inspired (though doubtlessly done several times before) to take a Lego Minifig traveling with me and take pictures of it on front if the amazing sites I come across.

So before I left, down I went to a local shop to acquire one (yes, I have hundreds, but they’re sadly now in storage). For the uninitiated, Lego make a range of Minifigs that are lucky dip, the idea being that you have to collect them all – to hedge my bets, I bought two. I open then up and I’m thrust into my dilemma… which to choose?

I’ve given the options below, hopefully I’ll have enough people even remotely interested in this blog to give their opinions:


The very appropriate for me, stereotypical “bagpiper”


The “could this be construed as racist, I think it’s supposed to be Tarzan”

Answers on a postcard people!

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5 thoughts on “My potentially racist dilemma

  1. Adam

    Go for the Scotsman for sure, we all know how you love those ‘bag pipes’ 🙂 good effort Camo, have an awesome time

  2. nick

    what about a ‘mix&match’ shirtless piper with a monkey? I’m fairly sure that can’t be construed as anything! We thought of you, over lunch, on your 24 hour bus journey! Have a great time with Fiona and Phil. Keep us posted.

  3. Helen

    One question – why can’t you bring both??

    If you have to choose, bring the Scot! It will be your home soon after all!! Plus it is sooo cute!!

    On the other hand, it would be class to see Tarzan floating down the Amazon!!

    Safe travels!!

    P.s. if you don’t get to blog much make sure you write in a diary, its impossible to remember everything…!

  4. Andy Montgomery

    It should be the Scottish one – he looks miserable!

  5. Sonia

    The bagpiper should be holding the monkey!

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