The Photographer’s Check-List

As I stand in the hallway, about to head out for a day shooting, attempting to get some nice snowy landscapes, I can’t help feel there is something missing…

Over the past few weeks the credit card has taken a beating. There’s been a huge amount of kit to purchase. When you sit back and think about it, this photographer thing entails a lot more than simply a camera and lens. Firstly there was a tripod – it’s an essential for any landscape photographer and the old beat up one that had ungraciously added so much weight to my backpack around South America was just no longer cutting it.

Then there are the additional filters, because of course the lens you just bought doesn’t have the same thread size as all the other lenses. There is the new camera bag – six months constantly on the road/river/path with one bag will ultimately highlight its short comings, especially when you test it to the extreme with a camera, gorilla pod, filters, spare batteries, charger and 6 separate lenses.

Add to this all the “non-photography” items – the tent for when dawn and dusk up a mountain are essential (most of the time for landscapes). The 4 season sleeping bag – because camping in the snow just isn’t as fun when you have hyperthermia. Same reason for the thermals and down jacket.

So all in all, it’s been a busy, and expensive, past month. And so with camera and lenses in bag (filters attached),pockets stuffed full of batteries, tripod on one shoulder, tent on the other, sleeping bag in one hand and sweating in all my thermal gear in-doors, I go to open the door and fail miserably. That’s when it hits me; “The hell I’m carrying all this lot up a mountain”. So there it is, the thing that I have yet to check off the list – a car with a bloody great big boot.

This last item is going to be an expensive one.

So I’ve read all the reviews on 4×4’s, I’ve narrowed it down to the best performing top 10 and I’m hitting the pages of AutoTrader (virtual pages of course). And how does all this prep work pan out for me? I abandon it fairly swiftly in favour of going for a car that I can actually afford. Such is life.

And on that bombshell, I’m off to the dealership to pick it up. Bon voyage

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